Education + Outreach

Educational Webinar Series

Interactive learning opportunities for both beginner and advanced levels, the “Summer Scenarios” 5-part series ran June through August 2018, view the videos

Online Knowledge Base

Web-based repository of instructional resources, now available and open to the public

Process + Tool Improvements

To find out more about working group and Request for Proposal projects, many of which are in process, view this handout.

Working Group Projects

Projects in process for 2019 include a ‘Scenario Planning Funding Opportunities’ guidance document, a reference library of past Requests for Proposals, a ‘Tax Parcels Data for Regional Planning’ guidance document, a series of 3 funded scenario planning workshops, and a system for facilitating collaboration between organizations

Request for Proposal Projects

Impactful projects resulting from the 2018 RFP process, 4 funded efforts will be produced in 2019

Peer Exchange

Annual Conference

Annual networking, learning, and Consortium direction-setting event taking place in fall each year, find out more about the 2018 conference and plans for 2019

Speaker's Pool

Consortium participants available to educate audiences on scenario planning and Consortium benefits

Peer Exchange Meetups

Monthly virtual meetups for professionals interested in learning about scenario planning practices from their skilled peers, find out more and join