Initiatives of the Consortium were formulated through the 2018 Consortium Work Plan and adopted by the board in January 2018. While some initiatives are already available, others are in process for later in 2018.

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Education + Training

Supporting scenario planning learning, for both beginner and advanced levels, is a key work area for the Consortium. The activities, by coupling interactive education with instructional resources online, help bolster understanding.

Educational Webinar Series

Interactive learning opportunities for both beginner and advanced levels, the “Summer Scenarios” 5-part series ran June through August 2018, find out more

Online Knowledge Base

Web-based repository of instructional resources, now available and open to the public

State of Practice Improvements

In order to improve the state of practice of scenario planning in specific areas, participants join working groups. Each working group determines their own activities and is assisted with locating funding, creating a timeline, and tracking their activity.  The groups were formed in winter 2017.

Capacity Building + Peer Exchange Working Group

Improving the availability, accessibility, and quality of instructional resources and peer-to-peer learning

Technology and Data Working Group

Shining a light on best practices for technology and data to foster larger-scale approaches

Process Design Working Group

Addressing gaps in clear, concise, and practical guides for step-by-step scenario planning exercises

Peer Exchange

Exchange between peers strengthens collective learning and builds networks for scenario planning. Through both in-person and virtual formats, the Consortium fosters peer-to-peer collaboration.

Annual Conference

Annual networking, learning, and Consortium direction-setting event taking place in fall each year, find out more

Speaker's Bureau

Consortium participants available to educate audiences on scenario planning and Consortium benefits, project planning in process 

Technical Assistance Pool

Professionals available for scenario planning project and exercise assistance, project planning in process