Working Groups

The working groups support the core participant activities of the Consortium. A participant can join one or more based on their interests. Each working group will determine their own activities and work plan. They will be assisted with locating funding, creating a timeline, and tracking their activity.  The groups will be formed during late 2017 and early 2018.

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Specific Tool Improvements

Focus on the needs of specific software tools, such as CommunityViz, Envision Tomorrow, UrbanFootprint, UrbanSim, and potentially others

Cross-Tool Improvements

Focus on data standards, interoperability, modularity, algorithms, and plug-ins


Cross-Tool Training + Peer Sharing

Mix of skill levels learning from each other

Scenario Planning as a Process

Less software tools focused, more process focused


Online Educational Library

Numerous materials will be made available, from inside the urban and rural planning/development profession as well as across other professions.  The Online Educational Library will serve as a launching pad to locate other materials.  The library is currently under construction.

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