Curriculum Material Library

The report Opening Access to Scenario Planning Tools identified creating a library of curriculum materials as an important initiative to support broader knowledge of scenario planning methods and tools among the next generation of professional and citizen planners. A Curriculum Development Committee was formed in Summer 2014 to collect, organize, and develop four types of materials for planning educators: a set of laboratory exercises, a course development guide, a citation library, and a library of syllabi and assignments.

Syllabi Library

Lead: Jennifer Minner (Cornell University)

The following are syllabi from a 2014 call for land use, physical planning, and other plan-making courses that incorporate one or more of the following.

  • Scenario planning or planning support system theory
  • Scenario planning methods
  • Scenario planning tools for creating and analyzing scenarios, especially GIS-based scenario tools (e.g. Envision Tomorrow, CommunityViz, Urban Footprint/Rapid Fire, etc.)
  • Web-GIS Tools (e.g. Sparc with Index, ArcGIS Online, Vizzuality)
  • 3D GIS or other visualization tools
  • Online tools for gathering data for or deliberating on scenarios – e.g. social media, crowdsourcing tools
  • Other planning support systems to support plan-making or decision-making processes.

Contributed Syllabi:

  • Cities Place Technology: Seminar on Analytical and Participatory Tools – Jennifer Minner, Cornell University – Syllabus
  • Community Planning Analysis: Land Use Modeling and Visualization – Jack D. Kartez, University of Southern Maine – Syllabus
  • Concepts and Methods of Land Use – Jennifer Minner, Cornell University – Syllabus
  • Public Sector Scenario Planning: Theory and Practice – Robert Goodspeed, University of Michigan – Syllabus
  • Scenario Planning in Envision Tomorrow Plus – Dejan Eskic and Keuntae Kim, University of Utah – Syllabus, Training Session Outline
  • Strategies for Planning Effectiveness – Alfonso Morales, University of Wisconsin – Madison – Syllabus
  • Sustainable Adaptation of Large Modern Footprints – Jennifer Minner, Cornell University – Syllabus
  • Urban Analysis – Jason Byrne – Griffith University – Course Outline
  • Futures Research – Peter Bishop – University of Houston – Syllabus

In addition, the following are not syllabi, but could be useful resource for curriculum development:

  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Council. The Future of Scenario Planning – White paper. March 2014. Contributed by Brett Fusco.
  • Crime Stat IV: Free spatial statistics program contributed by Ned Levine, who uses the planning support system in courses. Web page for Crime Stat IV.

The Curriculum Development Committee welcomes additional contributions! E-mail Jennifer Minner at if you would like to share your syllabus on this page.

Laboratory Exercises

A set of laboratory exercises, including instructions and data, to be used in classes to introduce scenario planning methods and tools to students.

Lead: Robert Goodspeed and Jacob Yan (University of Michigan)

Course Guide

Download the: Scenario Planning Course Development Guide (PDF)

Citation Library

We are developing an annotated citation database of recommended books, articles, and reports for instructors to use in course development. Currently under development, although a member-contributed bibliography is available below. Many of the syllabi above also contain reading lists.