Tools for Planning: Urban Canvas and Urban Data Science Toolkit

Planning Tool Showcase: Video introduction to Urban Canvas and UrbanSim by Paul Waddell and Jason Oliveira
In our continuing effort to highlight tools for planning, we are excited to share an introductory video of Autodesk’s Urban Canvas. Develeped over the past few years by Synthicity in Berekley, CA, the tools and team were recently acquired by Autodesk. Urban Canvas is a next-generation 3D visualization and analysis tool that can inform design by facilitating early-stage prototyping with easy to use design tools, and intuitive, integrated analytics. It enables a broad set of users and stakeholders to engage in the planning and design process in its critical early stages and follow this through more detailed planning stages. In this video Paul Waddell and Jason Oliveira provide a facinating overview of how Urban Canvas can support planning and design workflows and how it can integrate with tools such as UrbanSim.
For more information on Urban Canvas and UrbanSim, see Synthicity’s website.
Critter Thompson

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