Tools for Planning: Envision Tomorrow Plus

Planning Tool Showcase: Video introduction to Envision Tomorrow Plus by Alex Steinberger

Imagine having the innovation and technical ability to look into the future and shape the ideal urban community after test-driving different strategies to see which ones work and which ones don’t – all without having to turn a shovel of dirt, pay for expensive public works projects, or support a redevelopment project that may or may not work.  That’s what Envision Tomorrow does. This innovative open-source software program developed by Fregonese Associates takes the guesswork, the uncertainty, and the “What if?” out of the urban planning equation.

Recent additions to the tool include real-time feasibility modeling for redevelopment, a fiscal impact tool, and cloud-based scenario creation.  While collaboration with HUD and other institutional partners has allowed for tremendous progress in scenario planning technology, more work remains.  This video overview showcases the suite of planning tools that comprise Envision Tomorrow and presents ideas and a call to action for further funding and collaboration to lower technical barriers to scenario planning.


Critter Thompson

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