New Library of Materials for Teaching Scenario Planning

Over the past several months, a subset of the OPTG has been working to create new resources for planning educators. The Curriculum Committee, lead by Rob Goodspeed at the University of Michigan and including a number of OPTG members as contributors, is happy to announce that they have completed three of the resources the group set out to create.  This work was made possible by all of the group members, but especially Jennifer Minner (Cornell University), Bob Paterson and Tom Hilde (University of Texas), Keuntae Kim (University of Utah), Ray Quay (Arizona State), and Peter Bishop (University of Houston).

The materials have been posted to the group website, and include:

  • syllabi library of courses involving scenario planning and/or innovative GIS, visualization, or other technical tools;
  • A set of laboratory exercises, including data, and a corresponding course structure;
  • course development guide where we have compiled lessons learned from three recent courses offered by group members.

Still in development is a citation library for instructors to use when designing new courses, although the syllabi feature many helpful citations.

These products should be considered works in progress, and we look forward to feedback for how they might be improved in the future.

Critter Thompson

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