International Geodesign Conference in Beijing (Oct 28-29)

For those of you tracking geodesign, there is an international conference coming up October 28th in Beijing.  In a 2010 talk given by Dr. Michael Flaxman at the Geodesign Summit at Esri headquarters in Redlands, he described geodesign this way:

Geodesign is a design and planning method which tightly couples the creation of design proposals with impact simulations informed by geographic contexts.

While not specifically scenario planning, geodesign is a broad enough umbrella that encapsulates much of, if not all, of the techniques and emerging tools of scenario planning.  This growing community of researchers and practitioners will continue to inform scenario planning practice particularly as scenarios become more iterative and exploratory, which is something explored in the report Opening Access to Scenario Planning Tools and referenced on this site here.

Here’s more from the conference description:

2013 Geodesign International Conference will be held in October 28-29, 2013 in Beijing, China. This conference will be the joint effort of Peking University and Esri. This International Geodesign Conference builds upon recent advances in the US and elsewhere, in bringing together a combination of experts – designers, scientists, public policy experts and decision makers – to present and discuss current projects, emerging models of Geodesign practice, and to speculate on directions and improvements for the future.

The conference will provide a platform for an array of topics related to Geodesign under the conference main theme – ‘Maximizing Beneficial Impact’. These topics will cover Technological Innovations, Tools for Policy Making, Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach, Collaboration and Process, and Applied Science and Engineering in the Landscape, and so forth.

Invited international experts will provide a theoretical basis for the conference discussion; practitioners from around the world are invited to submit successful Geodesign projects, cautionary tales and provocative presentations…We believe that your participation in this conference will be of great benefit and your contribution to this field will be invaluable.

If you have exciting scenario research that fits under the big tent of geodesign, they are currently accepting paper abstracts through April 30th.  These can be submitted at  The conference is jointly sponsored by Peking University and Esri.  You can download the PDF for more.



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