Livable Transit Corridors: Methods, Metrics, and Strategies

Editor’s Note: One of the key challenges for scenario planning has been to connect the raw data associated with modeling and spatial analysis to more robust concepts such as livability. Additionally, the prevalence of corridor-based transit planning projects highlights the need for tools that allow planners to demonstrate the impacts of land use / transportation decisions in less siloed, more integrated ways. The project described below is a promising move in this direction, one that we’ll be featuring in more detail as the research progresses.

The objective of this research is to develop a handbook that presents a framework for assessing the livability outcomes of transit corridor planning and decision-making. The framework should include methods for evaluating transit corridor-level livability outcomes, and metrics that relate transit corridor planning to livability. The framework should address the six livability principles identified in the interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

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Bruce Appleyard is an accomplished project manager, author, speaker and instructor, and brings his experience and insight to the challenges of creating joyful communities that are economically viable. He is motivated by helping people to “reach important destinations through their own power—either by walking or rolling.”

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