3 Demos of Scenario Planning Tools

Below are video demos for 3 different scenario planning tools done by the Metopolitan Council in Minneapolis-St. Paul (contributed by Todd Graham, Principal Forecaster).  The three in this series are CityCAD, CommunityViz and Envision Tomorrow (at the time of the demo, the open source version of Envision Tomorrow + had not started development). [UPDATE 5/15: The following videos were created by Tim Solomonson, HKGi, through a project supported by the Metropolitan Council and the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA).  Also, these were created on 8/22/11 and new versions of these tools have been made available since production of the videos.]


CommunityViz [UPDATE: 5/15 A more recent presentation on the latest version of CommunityViz available here]

Envision Tomorrow


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