Scenario planning tools at the APA National Conference

Two sessions Monday at APA focused on scenario planning tools. In the morning, existing tool makers talked about the state of current tools. After lunch, the Lincoln report authors discussed their findings and recommended actions. Here are the slides from both sessions.

Making scenario planning tools work in practice

What are the leading planning scenario tools? Find out as speakers discuss strategies for using planning tools to engage the public around smart growth. Examine smart growth implementation at a range of scales through innovative methods. Finally, learn how and when to use emerging performance measures to balance the needs of all users in creating more sustainable and equitable plans.

With Eliot Allen, Criterion Planners;  Ken Snyder, PlaceMatters; Doug Walker, Placeways; C. J. Gabbe, Fregonese Associates; Alex Joyce, Fregonese Associates.




Advancing Scenario Planning Tools

Prepare for uncertain futures. Take measure of the current and emerging planning challenges and the important role that scenario planning and visioning play. Speakers assess the users’ needs for scenario planning tools. Explore further how to increase access to and affordability of both tools and data. The session concludes with a discussion of efforts to develop open source tools and data and what the open source paradigm offers planning.

With: Jim Holway, Sonoran Institute; Jason Lally, PlaceMatters; Robert Matthews, Decision Commons; Frank Hebbert, OpenPlans; Ted Cochin, EPA; Ray Quay, Arizona State University.


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